Schoolyard Hardships

Colin is turning eleven this year.  When his Mom asked him if he wanted a birthday party he replied that there was no point because he has no friends.  Colin was diagnosed traits similar to Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it difficult for him to make friends.  To show him that people do care, his Mom decided to start a Facebook page, which she will reveal to him on his birthday of March 9th.  The Facebook page (link provided below) has received more than 900k likes and an abundance of comments wishing Colin a happy birthday.  The page has made not only local news but worldwide news, going viral.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition that delays the development of many basic skills, socialization and communication being the most notable.  However, most children with this syndrome are exceptionally talented in areas such as math and music.

This story touches my heart as I have a niece that was diagnosed with Autism.  It would devastate me to hear that she felt she had no friends or had to eat her lunch alone every day.

I’m sure most of us have had schoolyard hardships at some point.  So, please take a moment out of your busy day to view Colin’s Facebook page.  Leave a comment to warm this young man’s heart and to prove that there are caring people in the world.

Facebook Website Link:


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