The Red Rose

For Valentine’s Day, in previous years, friends would send me flowers.  I, like many others out there, love to get that surprise bouquet of flowers, though I always thought it was funny when, in the mixed bouquet of flowers, there would undoubtedly always be red roses.  I understand that at some point in history it was decided that red roses were going to be the symbol of romantic love and forevermore the world would be trained to purchase that monotonous red flower to declare their love.  However, I personally dislike red roses.  Don’t get me wrong, they are very pretty flowers but I associate them with funerals.  All the funerals I have attended had an abundance of red roses.  Very few people in my life are aware that I dislike this particular flower so I always overlook it when someone surprises me with a bouquet that includes them.  I cannot fault them for not knowing, and even if they did and forgot, they were still generous enough and thought enough of me to bestow upon me the wonderful gift of pretty flowers.

What is my favorite flower?  The tulip.  Most people don’t know, but the meaning of the tulip is generally known to be ‘Perfect Love’, no matter the color.  I have always considered Tulips to be an elegant flower.  It is always perfect no matter the size or color.  I’ve always been partial to tulips, which could be because my Grandfather used to plant them each year.  The rows would be perfect and they always bloomed in synchronization with each other.  No matter how short or tall they grew, the flower was always the same shape and matched its stem beautifully.  It warms my heart just to think of them and their beauty.

So, word to the wise, if you are going to surprise someone with the wonderful gift of flowers this Valentine’s Day, take a moment, step back and think about what you are giving.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box popular culture has created for us and see the beauty in the less selected flowers. You may be surprised to find out that the person may love a different bloom and that surprise bouquet may touch their heart far deeper than a red rose could ever.


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