Valentine’s Day Review

Joanna Prisco wrote an article called ‘Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles’ on  As a single woman on Valentine’s Day, so I was drawn to this article.  I was immediately on the defensive within the first two sentences.

“Singles may find themselves simultaneously dreading its arrival”… If you are single and feel this way about Valentine’s Day, my question to you is, why?  I personally believe no person should dread Valentine’s Day.  Even if you are single, go out and celebrate yourself or with a dear friendship.  What are you gaining by dreading the day?  Nothing!

The article continues with a few quotes from Barbie Adler, founder of a matchmaking firm in Chicago, “Use the day as a wake-up call to reflect on your personal life.”  Hello!  Oh right, the single people in the world, poor them, their single and therefore their lives are ‘less than’.  Um, I don’t think so!  What should my wake-up call be?  I see nothing wrong with my single ‘personal life’.  She is also quoted as saying, “There’s so much societal pressure put on this Hallmark holiday”.  Again, I don’t feel any pressure from Valentine’s Day.  Do you feel pressure as a single person because you’re not attached to someone on this day?

At the end of the article Barbie Adler is quoted saying, “What we really want is love and companionship and a lasting relationship.”  I’m glad she has made it very clear what every single person wants.  I can now move on with my life with my new found purpose.  Not!

Now it may seem that I am completely bashing Ms. Joanna Prisco’s article, though I’m not trying to.  Her article was very well written.  It’s just, isn’t a match maker, of course, going to push you into believing a relationship is needed in your life.  That it must be what every single person yearns for.  Come on guys, that is what she gets paid to make people believe.  As a single woman I can say without hesitation that I just don’t believe that it’s what all people in my situation want.  You can have wonderful, loving, fulfilling relationships without being attached to one person.  We as people have enough love in our hearts to feel compassion for many.


Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles Website Link:


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