Change on the Horizon

The signs are showing that there is change on the horizon.  I’ve heard people talk about how you know it is time for change in your life when you catch yourself feeding the negative forces, when you feel pressured to be someone you’re not, or a relationship starts to make you feel miserable.  What about resentment?  What happens when you start to feel bitter and sour about a relationship or situation?  When you have resentment, that private emotion that affects only you and has no effect on the person(s) it is directed at, it’s time for a change.  When you see clearly how you were unfairly treated or wronged in some way, but the only way you can think of to attempt to make the resentment go away is apologizing for feeling resentful in the first place.  But you can’t do that because by apologizing you would be saying that what happened was okay.  What do you do?  The only thing you can, make a change.  Embrace your emotions, learn from what has happened, and let it lead you forward.


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