I see you


You’re hiding but I see you.  I see who you were, who you are, and who you are growing to be.  When you allow it, I look into your eyes and I see your pain, your hopes, and your dreams.  I see you for who you really are, not just the shell that you dress yourself in each day.  I don’t need you to open up and share your inner secrets, your despairs, or your heartaches. I’d be happy to share your thoughts, your aspirations, your ideas just to grab hold of your hand and give you strength enough to see how you are a wonderful, capable person that will succeed in anything you put your mind to.  I’d just be the little extra nudge you feel in the morning when you don’t think you can get up and face the day, I’ll be the gentle touch that warms your heart and tells you you’re safe, the arms reaching out to pull you up when you start to feel yourself falling.  I could be the one that, no matter what, will be there in front of you, on the phone, or in your mind telling you, reminding you, of what a strong man you are, that you are loved, cared for and so badly needed.


Even though I seem strong, I am only strong because of you.  I will always strive to be all that you need, but know that I will never succeed.  I will never reach that finish line.

picture Source: http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/cogdog/157363384/


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