Is Fate Bullshit?

People like the word fate.  I hear most people using fate as the reason why something didn’t go as they planned it or why they can’t do something.  I personally think it’s a poor excuse but I don’t hold it against others if they want to lean on that.  Obviously they are terrified of whatever the situation is and want to hide behind ‘fate’, that way when it doesn’t work out it won’t be their fault.  They can blame fate.   Do these people understand what Fate really means or how it’s supposed to work?  I don’t think they do.

The word ‘Fate’ comes from Greek Mythology.  The Fates consists of three goddesses; Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, or in other words the spinner who spins the line of your life, the measurer who determines how long that life will be, and death who will cut your life thread with her shears.   In my research I found that one’s fate is determined when you’re born and that the three goddesses can see your fate, though it usually isn’t said that they create your fate.  It was generally only said that one Fate creates the thread of your life, one Fate measures it and the last goddess delivers the final blow by cutting your life’s thread and sending you to your death.

My view on fate is still developing.  Right now, I’m not entirely convinced that fate actually exists.  In the 1999 movie The Matrix, Neo was asked “Do you believe in fate”, his response was “No, because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.”  How true a statement that is!  If you live your life believing that fate is determining the path your life takes, and when you will meet your maker, then you have truly let go of all control of your life.  You will just sit and wait for opportunity to fall into your lap and then wait for it to be played out for you.  Think about this, if fate is real then you think it is projected that some people’s fate consists of murdering and stealing from people?

I find that I am fascinated by this topic right now.  I have been looking into the idea of fate in depth for the past few days and even as I write this article I find myself deleting paragraphs.  Why?  Because, to make fate real you would have to go back and change the story.  We could say that fate only takes you so far before you have to take control and go after the person or thing once fate dropped it in your lap. If you didn’t, the person or thing would then move on and you would have to wait for the next drop in the lap or go out there searching on your own.

Humans, for the most part, don’t set out to hurt each other’s feelings but still at times it does happen. Now, twice in my life I have had a conversation with who claim they couldn’t do something because they felt fate was telling them no.  They may actually believe this but to me this is used as an ‘out’, an easy way to sever the ties, hopefully without completely hurting another’s feelings.  As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow this statement will leave the other person on the fence, once it sinks in.  When Fate is used against you it is as though they are telling you that you can’t have a certain medication because the FDA denied its use; Fate denied it so this way there are no hard feeling, hurt hearts, feeling of failings because in the end, its fates fault.  Truly, I would really rather not hear the “It was fate” excuse.  Even if the real reason would hurt me at my deepest core, I would rather hear the truth then sit and stew over what the real reason could be while I am left with the emptiness of, “It was fate”.

After that, I think I’ve reached a conclusion.  It appears that my view on fate is… that its bullshit.


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2 thoughts on “Is Fate Bullshit?

  1. I don’t believe in fate. It would mean we have no control, but then is control really just an illusion? I do think things and people come into our lives for certain reasons and those reasons are to learn a lesson. I think we may keep repeating certain situations until we get that lesson right.


    1. Control being just an illusion is a very high possibility. With all the unexpected events that happen throughout ones day and the people we interact with, how could we actually be in control? Our minds probably manifest this illusion of control to force us to take responsibility in situations so that the world doesn’t stand still.


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