I hate your face!

Dear Mr. Asshole,

I thought I loved you but after deep reflection I have decided that I, in fact, despise you for how you make me feel.  When you’re near me, and my mind relaxes, and I have that warm safe and comfortable feeling because of it, I want to slap you in the face.  When I’m reminded again that I will never be ‘good enough’ or be desired by you, I want to choke you.  When I try to resist the instructions my mind is giving me to ring your phone and tell you all about the things I felt were interesting about my day, I want to twist your nipples till you scream.  When I come to the realization that my mind believes I NEED you for something, I want to jump on top of you, strap you down and whip you till you yell my name for mercy.

Shit, do you see it?!  Even when I despise you the things I want to do to you are the things that turn me on!

Why do you have to rub me the wrong way?


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