Weight Loss Journey Thoughts – 2

Slow and steady, I feel my body is becoming the vehicle of my dreams.  I signed up for my gym membership at first to show up my friends, knowing that they would slowly stop going and not stick with it.  It was about the competition.  Then it turned into a way to release all the stress that built up from my work and home life.  The more I go to the gym the more I believe it keeps my stress level manageable.  Now, in addition to those reasons, I’ve discovered that going to the gym has developed into something that I want to do.  I want to mold myself into something that I believe will be more desirable and healthy.

This morning when I woke and put on my clothes for work I smiled with my head held high in confidence.  Even though my weight loss has plateaued and I am not the 115 pound women I envisioned, I am comfortable.  My focus has shifted from weight loss to sculpting my body. I’m working on having an overall more toned and defined figure.

I’m still eating when I am hungry and resting when I am tired.  The people around me don’t see my inner strength and beauty, I do and that is all that matters.


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