Surprise Visitor

I was working in my office today when a figure appeared in my doorway. I knew who it was before I even lifted my head from behind my laptop screen. As I slowly looked up I saw nicely polished black dress shoes, black slacks, wool coat, dress shirt and oh yes, a tie! Our eyes met across my office and it was like no time had passed since we last saw each other a year ago.

He walked in exuding confidence, so sexy, talking about what’s been going on in his life, all I can think about is ripping his clothes off and having wild tiger sex all over my desk. It’s the tie. It does it to me every time. There is just nothing sexier to me then an attractive man in a suit and tie! Focus Casey! Get it together, because it’s your turn to rattle off some stuff about what’s going on with me.

Even if there wasn’t a tie, I’d still find it hard to talk with him without my mind wandering into some sexual fantasy. This is all due to the fact that this was what our relationship consisted of for three years. He broke open my shell. He taught me things that to this day I haven’t repeated with anyone else. Now that I reminisce about these times I find myself missing them. Unfortunately one of the few things I managed to catch as he was talking was that he had found someone and has been dating her for about six months. Devastation! He was always supposed to be single with me forever! Who was I kidding? He’s rich and sexy… he was going to get snatched up at some point. I really missed my chance to be the one. I know him well enough though that I was able to see in his beautiful eyes that he was having the same thoughts I was. The idea of just one more time, for old time sake.

There have only been three men that I have considered a relationship with. I should have learned to jump on these feelings, scream that out when they happen, and just take a chance. I have to see it like letting go of my inhibitions just as I do in the bedroom. I should be remembering that rejection is a short term feeling.

Well with wet panties… moving on with my day.

Picture by: Casey King (fingerlike)


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