Pigtails and Tiaras

At times I amaze myself on how super cool and cute I am. My friends daughter was having a sleepover for her birthday so of course I had to participate! I got out my favorite monkey covered PJs, put my hair in pigtails and added the final spectacular touch of a tiara.

I stopped in front of my dad and asked him what he thought and all he could do is laugh. Very few people share my sense of humor, I can always count on my Dad to share in my funny moments and appreciate them. He enjoyed pointing out that I still needed to stop off at the store before going to the slumber party. I didn’t think about that but oh well, I’m secure in my self enough to walk around in my getup. He also pointed out that it is backwards that I will not leave the house in sweat pants but I will leave in PJs, pigtails and a tiara. I proceeded to explain how that is completely different. So off I went shopping then slumber party.

A handful of strange looks a few whispers and I made it through the store. I ran into two of my friends at the local vape shop and their faces said it all. It was that look of ‘what the hell is wrong with you’. Granted I will give it to them that holding a conversation with a women dressed as I was may be a tad difficult and the fact I don’t believe they really have seen my ridiculous side. I try to only bring it out periodically. I would have paid money to be a mind reader during our encounter.

My shopping and the sleepover was a success. My friends daughter got a big kick out of my getup and loved her presents. I have to say today was a good day!


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