Daily Prompt: Time After Time – A day out

When my son was born I decided that I wanted to start a tradition.  Something, no matter our age, we could do together year after year.  From that moment on, each year I started taking my son to a local college and visiting their art museum or their archeology museum.   After spending a few hours of taking in the museum we walk over and go through a few antique stores then end the day with a late lunch.

Both my son and I have busy lives.  It always seems that we’re running to do something or get somewhere.  However, for this yearly tradition, it’s nice for us to just relax, not worry about being somewhere at a certain time and it gives us an opportunity to reconnect.  Even though he’s now 12 years old he still seems to enjoy it.  I’m hoping it is one of those traditions that can last throughout our lives, but only time will tell.

Another tradition that we do, one that has been going on since before I was born, is Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving with my Grandmother.  For both holidays we pack the car up and spend the late afternoon and evening with family.  When I was younger it was held at my Grandmother’s house but over the years, as she has grown older, having over 25 people to feed and find seats for his quite an undertaking so we have changed to a rotating location.  Now each year a different family member hosts the holidays, which makes it a lot easier on my Grandmother.

I have always enjoyed this holiday tradition because we live about 45 minutes away from the rest of my family and it gives me a chance to catch up with everyone.  As we all get older the amount of members has greatly decreased for Thanksgiving, but no matter what’s going on we are all there, rain, shine, sleet or snow, for Christmas Eve.




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