Altruism is real

I was having a conversation yesterday regarding generosity and found that some believe it is no longer a selfless act people preform. They believe people give throughout life because it has positive effects on the person’s overall health. I was directed to a news article from the Huffington Post labeled “7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Generosity Is Good For Your Health”. (See link below) In the article it stated how generosity improves your health by promoting good mental health, keeping stress levels in your body down, helps your career, and it is beneficial to the greater good.

From a young age I lived my life practicing the Altruism principle. Sacrificing your time, energy, money, possessions for someone else never expecting any compensation of any type. I believe in ‘true’ altruism so it is hard for me to swallow the fact people believe generosity is no longer a selfless act. I don’t believe that someone who openly cares about the welfare of someone and acts on that feeling by helping them out is doing it for the health benefits. Are there really health benefits to practicing Altruism? I still am stressed about my overall life, relationships and work at times even though I have been generous to people at every chance provided to me.

I will give it to the scientists that true altruism is hard to wrap your head around when you are the receiver of the generosity.  The human mind automatically runs through all the reasons possible on what ulterior motive someone has for helping them, it’s unfortunate but this is how our minds work. Even I have caught myself wondering what motives others have had for being generous to me. So these scientists had to come up with reasons to make it logical and what better excuse, benefit of your health. Having an excuse attached to generosity upsets me as some people in this world are selfless, maybe we are a rare bread on the verge of extinction but we do still walk this earth as of today. Thanks to scientist like these and articles like the one I was directed to, when a person is sacrificing something for someone else the receiver will always think there are ulterior motives.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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