One chance

Receiving opportunities is easy. The hard part is choosing which ones to accept. Realizing some opportunities you may accept not only will change your life but others around you.

Last night I found out that my life is going to change by another’s opportunity they are choosing to grab hold of. This journey will be emotionally draining and life changing for me. I am going to buckle up, hold onto my ‘oh shit’ handle because it’s going to be a long ride. I will be standing in front of my real Grandmother, someone who is on my top list of ‘pieces of shit’, for the first time in my life. The process started and I am having anxious feelings. What are you suppose to say to someone that had an affair while married, left their husband to have a child, who they left 3 months after the birth and went back to their husband and children? Someone who never tried to make contact with their child? Someone who essentially made their other life they built a distant memory?

I really have nothing to say, should I? But I will take this journey and let it lead me till the road ends, standing in front of her with my head held high.

When I found out this news I hung up the phone and processed what was going on. I stood in front of my friend and so badly wanted to express what was going on but I stopped. Why? This is just yet another embarrassment, a scar that I carry on the inside. When you share your scars you forever wear them on the outside. When my friend looks at me they must think that it looks like I had a fight with Wolverine. Just so all of you know, I totally beat up wolverine!*Laughing*


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