The One And Only

Recently I was asked how many relationships I have been in, and I actually surprised myself when I found myself answering with one relationship.  I’d had those short lived high school relationships when I was younger, but only one real relationship that lasted seven years.  Once that relationship ended I never got back into a relationship where we could have called each other ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’.  I date men, but only get so close, never completely giving myself to the other.

Is that sad, or what?  At this moment, in a way, it feels sad.  Most of the time I feel like it was the best thing for me.  I had the opportunity to hang out and date around and meet people.  I can happily say that I have enjoyed the past 12 ½ years of the single life.

Still, right now, in this moment, I think the statement makes me feel sad because I believe I have entered into a twilight zone, or as everyone else calls it, my midlife crisis.



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