Computer Viruses

One of my many talents is my ability to fix computers. My main expertise are servers but I can manage to usually tackle personal computer problems. While I am staying in my sisters creepy noisy house I stumbled upon her laptop. When I was using the laptop it was obvious that something was wrong with it. So I decide I was going to fix it up and run a special anti-virus program I utilize at work. This software seeks everything and anything on your computer that shouldn’t be there, I wouldn’t know what to do without it. The scan finally finished and I was shocked by the results, 3,950 infected files! Never before have I seen such a high number and my first thought was they should really lay off the porno sites! It took me three hours last night to finally clean up everything and get this machine in good working condition. I haven’t told her that it is up and running, I figured I would let them have their lovely vacation and then sit down with her and have a small intervention. [Laughing]


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