Emotional Limit

Your mind is overwhelmed you are at your ’emotional limit’.  You don’t realize it, however, until someone points out how your conversations feel awkward.  Suddenly, all seems to become clear.  The drop in weight with no effort over the past week, the inability to sleep through the night, and the decreased ability to focus on a simple conversation all lead back to the constant battle you’re having to keep your brain from invading your thought process.

Finding my grandmother who left 3 months after having her child, never to look back again, has crossed my mind a few times throughout my life.  Each time the thoughts of her were always short lived.  I would come to the conclusion pretty quickly that she was a ‘piece of shit’.  Now that her child is the one working to find her, with one of the most famous investigators in the world, thinking of my grandmother leaves my mind in knots.  Obviously this has began to effect my daily life tremendously if people are pointing out that I’ve become ‘awkward’, I have to admit I have a problem.

How do I solve this problem and move on?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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