Soul Mate

Is knowing who you’re destined to be with better then going through life not knowing? If there were a company that could tell you who you’re meant to be with and when you will meet, would you do it?  Would you live your romantic life differently if you knew when you were destined to set eyes on the person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life?  What if that whole time waited for that one ‘destined’ moment when you would lay eyes on your soulmate, only for it to never happen?  The entire time you waited was all for naught, a fraud created by a company for financial gain.  Would you still risk it?

Would you join the movement of people being given the name of their soulmates or would you rebel against them and live your life unscripted, as it was intended, searching for the one, holding out for the unexpected moment where you look across the room and set your eyes on someone instantly knowing that person was meant to be yours?

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