Your Her Worst Distraction


She is a strong educated woman with many talents. She has done it all on her own holding her own hand through it all. I believe she is an inspiration to people she meets. You on the other hand believe she is a walking moron.

1. You make her realize she is not as smart as she thought.
2. You make her realize she is not as strong as she believes.
3. You make her realize there is more to someone then even the person sees.
4. You make her realize that she can’t win everything.
5. You make her realize playing life as if it is a game is wrong.
6. You make her feel… Invalid.
7. You make her feel sad, hurt and depressed.
8. You make her see the lack of her inner strength and resilience.

Even though you are the one making her realize these things, doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Why does she waste her time with you? Why does she show her emotions to you? Why does she care and follow through with making an effort when yours are just words.

Why does she lay there thinking her life would feel safer and be full with you by her side? With you there to walk your dogs together, cooking together, cuddling together, when all you do is belittle her with your words. Why is she fighting for this, this life?

Everyone who said they would be there for her is never there, just like you. With your actions you have turned a woman that was strong, educated and talented into a woman we is weak and questions her smarts and talents.

You will realize these things far to late in life to regroup and take hold of her hand. How does that make you feel…


image by Casey King


One thought on “Your Her Worst Distraction

  1. Ok thanks.
    I know how hard this is for you to spill out.
    I have similar takes.
    What is it that makes you more special in holding your pain?
    We all hurt.
    We all handle it differently,
    I know this post is older than you right now, so I’ve put put these thought down for your readers.


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