The Irony of it all

Over the past three months my life as been plagued with irony.  Irony is running full force through my veins, seeping from my pores.  When will it all end and my misery can cease and desist?

In a few months we will be Chicago bound.  I am personally SUPER excited.  I have been going to Chicago since I was a child and I truly love it there.  Of course, in all my excitement, I have already begun prepping my itinerary so I have time to rework it over and over until it’s oh so perfect.  In addition to planning the itinerary I have been searching for deals and fun things to do so that I can give the kids and my friend a list of things to choose from.  I love taking trips and I love planning them so getting it all together brings me great pleasure.

Guess what… Today I went on my son’s Boy Scout schedule just to look it over and noticed that, just one month before our trip to Chicago, he has a trip to Chicago.  WHAT?!  Even worse, I couldn’t believe it when I opened the file that read ‘itinerary’ and low and behold it was my itinerary!  Everything that I had listed as a definite ‘must do’ on my itinerary was on theirs!  How ironic is this?  It would have been my son’s first trip to Chicago and I was crazy excited about taking him and he will have already had that ‘1st’ a month prior to our trip, with the Boy Scouts.  Crazy Ironic, I tell you.

I suppose the bright side is that Chicago is a place you can visit every weekend without getting bored!  I am trying to think on the bright side because, despite finding out about his Boy Scouts trip, I’m still making my itinerary and enjoying planning this getaway!

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