Yahoo Answers

I was searching the internet last night and came across ‘Yahoo Answers’.  Just messing around, I clicked on one of the questions and read through the comments.  I couldn’t believe how horrible the answers to people’s question were.  We all know that the internet is used for entertainment purposes, sure, but a large number of users use it for answers.  They’re looking for answers to questions they can’t figure out, too embarrassed to ask family and friends, or they just couldn’t find anyone they knew with an answer. So why is it that people think they should waste someone’s time by responding with inappropriate answers, or answers that are clearly (to someone with common sense) wrong.  So of course after investigating a few more questions and the subsequent answers, I had to sign up.  It’s not as though I believe that by me signing up the answers to the ‘Yahoo Answers’ questions would immediately, miraculously, get better but if I can make a positive impact, why not?  My favorite past time is giving other people my opinion on anything and everything so the way I see it is that this will not only benefit the people looking for answers but me as well.  I have been facing my own struggles lately and have seen many in my past, I can’t help but think that it would have been nice to have this type of knowledge at your fingertips back then, a site to go where someone could help me work out my problems.


I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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