I love Thursdays. Why you ask, because It means Friday is near. This has been an unusually hard work week. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. My ‘bestie’ is driving up to visit me. I’m over joyed, it’s always a good time when our two sarcastic personalities come together. Usually I drive down to see her. The drive is worth it because I get to see her and have the best fajitas in existence!

For the past two days I have been looking forward to my date that was tonight. Really I was looking forward to having Sushi, the date was really just an after thought. I’m not sure why but I cancelled my date when I read a text inviting my son and I to have pizza. I know, what the hell is wrong with me, usually I’m the one getting cancelled on or receiving ‘rain checks’ when I want to go to Sushi. Plus who would choose pizza over sushi, well I did. I called my date and told him I had to cancel because my friend invited my son and I for pizza, I should have lied and made up another excuse because the truth didn’t set well with him. By the end of the conversation I wasn’t apologizing because I was canceling the date, I was apologizing for telling the truth. It would have been easy to lie but I didn’t feel I should have. My friend asked my son and I to do something and that trumps any date with some man who wants to size me up to see how long it will take to get into my panties. After my apologizing was over he asked me to clarify why I would cancel to hangout with my friend. The answer rolled off my tongue with ease… “He is a better man than you” and with that said I heard the phone click and my free sushi dinner being flushed down the toilet. Maybe it was wrong to cancel but I should get points because I told the truth!

I should have a disclaimer prior to talking to men or making plans. If an opportunity comes up were my son is invited to do something that I know he will enjoy, all plans are cancelled immediately! No exceptions or refunds.

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