Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

“What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?”


What is my travel style, it demands on the type of trip. I LOVE road trips, getting into the car and driving, even if there is no destination predetermined. It is so relaxing to just drive down the road, no worries, just driving till you need a break. Usually these types of trips are ‘Solo’, I use them to reflect and I don’t know anyone that would drop everything get into the car and drive. Most of my friends have busy lives and families to take into consideration. I would be shocked if one of them called me up and said they were outside my house and waiting for me to jump in the car for a road trip with no reason. I of course would drop everything and jump on in. If I would do the same thing to them, they would have to think about it and the answer in most cases if not all would be, no. I miss the days when everyone wasn’t tied down and we would get in the car and possessively get lost. Those were the days, now it is just me going ‘Solo’.

When I take a ‘planned’ trip, I am the planner! I have an itinerary which is usually not scheduled driven. There are probably a few items on the itinerary that are schedule driven only because they have to be. When I go on planned trips I have to have my itinerary so that I have details of activities we can do and the prices. I have to know the total activity costs before even thinking of setting foot out of the house. Who wants to get to their destination and run out of money? This would suck all the fun out of the whole trip. I am currently planning a trip to the ‘Windy City’, Chicago. I have just started writing up an itinerary and gathering every deal possible so I can roll like a millionaire on my trip or as close as I can come. I like to find the balance between luxurious and price-conscious traveler.

On one hand, I love to have happenstance be my guide and on the other hand, I love finding deals and having an itinerary handy.


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