The Flattery Continues

The flattery has seemed to continue with the ‘you look so much better without makeup’ since I wrote my “Flattery in 3’s”. I’m going to still accept it as a compliment with the understanding that the chances are it is filled with a ball of sarcasm. Really, can one take a man seriously when he is standing in camouflage pants, eating a piece of pizza while holding the box it came in?  Of course you could, but this man, he is different. Years of nothing but sarcasm spewing from his mouth (It probably didn’t help that I encouraged his sarcasm when I would do it right back to him), it automatically makes you wonder if its sincere or not. I have to admit in the moment, even with his crazy getup and a pizza box… he was cute. Even so, this weekend I will start prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse to begin.


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