Today my best friend drove up to spend some time with me. I always look forward to our visits as she is one of the most important people in my life. Some find it interesting that my best friend is 20+ years older then me but we have been by each others side for the good, the bad and the mind blowing crushing moments in our lives. Her home is my ‘safe haven’. I can go there, sit by the lake and let the sunset take my stress and worries away. You are probably laughing right now but it is true. There is something magical about the sunset. I always leave feeling better.

My best friend has met a few of my other friends and knows my family well. Today though she got to meet another one of my friends. This is a rarity but when she gets to meet one of my friends it is always interesting. Her sarcastic, smart-ass, joking personality is either an immediate turn off or taken in with a warm welcome. After all these years I’m immune to embarrassment when I’m around her. The meeting went well with only a few wise cracks in my direction which was good compared to what I thought the two of them together could accomplish. Of course if her husband was there too I would have probably had to abandon ship and swim to safety. *laughing*

Overall our time together was great as always. Good conversation, great food and a ton of laughter. Though the best part is I got her to go to the vape shop so that she could work on quitting her smoking habit. I need her to be around at least another 40 years. I would be completely lost without her by my side giving me a hard time. *smiles*


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