The Visitor

I received a visit from an old friend this evening who was in need of some advice. He said I was the first person he thought of because I have a way of being brutally honest yet understanding of a situation. What was interesting to me was that we talked about his issues and by the end of the night he turned the conversation around and started analyzing me by telling me how he views me. How or why the conversation turned to this is a mystery to me, maybe his way of saying thank you, a hug would have sufficed. *laughing*

He stated I had an aura about me that screamed “definiteness” of self confidence. I’m always quick to tell someone if I can help them and how I can help them. I seem to know what I know and know what I don’t know. I never let authority, convention or sentiment constrain me. I’m imaginative, reliable and generous with acknowledging others for the things they do.

At this point I am thinking he is done with trying to flatter me, if that is what this was. I wasn’t sure as the only experience I have with flattery is a comment about how I look better with less makeup on. The man shows up at my door, we haven’t seen each other in two years and he wants my advice, which turns into what I considered a really weird type of therapy session as he continued to tell me how he viewed me.

He continues with ” oh and relationships especially the romantic ones” At this point I’m ready to escort him to the door. Can you say awkward. He tells me that relationships are my Achilles heel. I care with the deepest part of my heart and am guaranteed to go to great lengths to make sure my relationships are good and those people are well taken care of. Even though I’m self confident, in relationships I am not. I’m thinking…”good to know”.

He said that I’m too private and impassive, it makes me hard to read. I am always seeking to make sense out of people I care for. I’m still confused on if that is a bad thing or not. Actually at this point I’m very confused and am actually trying to make sense of this conversation, not him. I make it a point he said to understand and support the people I have relationships with yet if I don’t have a close relationship with someone I don’t. I seem to be impatient and and have no understanding. Well this is probably because I’m to busy giving patience and understanding to my friends. Him for example who showed up unannounced with a problem.

He says I am viewed as a stable person in the relationship when I deeply care for someone. I find it hard to say no and I will be by that person’s side forever. They have to do something very bad or multiple things for me to turn my back on them.

At this point we are finally moving towards the door. I am counting the minutes when this conversation is over. Not that I don’t appreciate the analyzation of me as a person but it is just awkward.

As we say our goodbyes he says that with me anything is possible and everything is negotiable. I thanked him and thought to myself… Thanks for the subject of my next blog. *smiling*


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