How Do You Like Me Now

I enjoy reading others blogs but my emails lately are amusing and I can’t seem to tare myself away. People read my blog and feel the need to email me their thoughts on what kind of person I am, give me advice and or ask me a crap ton of weird personal questions. Don’t get me wrong I’m not discouraging the emails and I do appreciate them.

My favorite email this week read: “You are one sad women, you should look into getting laid!” Well actually I don’t view myself as a ‘sad’ person. I enjoy my life in a whole. I have my moments of sadness and when I write about relationships it is either cynical or has a sad tone to it, depending on my mood. Now on the ‘getting laid’ part, there could be some work done on that front. Maybe I should up my dose to twice a day, if not three times to ensure I’m getting a strong enough dose. I’m going to start making calls and see if I can’t get this prescription filled.

I received a few comments on a few relationship posts and at the end I was asked, “Are you a very open or private person?” Well, by your comments it seemed that you read my blogs, so this question leaves me a tad confused. Maybe you should reread my blogs or maybe I should! They are pretty personal I would think, but hell what do I know, I’m just the person writing them.

This one could be taken in a couple of ways: “do you let your family and friends read the stuff you write?” Now I’m not sure what they were implying, maybe that my posts are too personal and I should be having an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment taking over my body with a side of shame? Or that they are being genuine and are really interested if I share these feelings and thoughts with my friends and family because that would make me a strong person? Any one of these could be possible but either way my answer is the same. I just wanted to point out they should have been more clear on their intent. I have multiple blogs this blog in particular (Fingerlike), No I don’t ‘really’ share. The people in my personal life who know about this is few.

1. My editor of course, she can’t edit if she doesn’t read them. Maybe I should be looking for a better editor…

2. My bestie, I can’t do anything without her knowing. She loves to discuss and analyze my feelings and try to ‘fix’ me. Really she just likes the opportunity to disagree with me at every turn. I’m not sure why she reads it as she already knows everything about me, well maybe not everything… hehehe

3. A good friend, I got drunk one night and texted him my URL, I’m still confused on how this happened. I should really stop drinking whiskey! At first I was very mad at myself. I thought I would be walking around embarrassed and feeling him judging me at every visit, which he could be but I’m to blind to see it. Really though it has been fine, he  doesn’t actually ask me any questions or seek clarification on anything as you did by emailing me.

Just to eliminate another very interesting question your probably going to email me.. Yes, I still believe in Santa.

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