My CFP and Penn State

I received my confirmation that my CFP test is in July. Now I’m thinking I should back out. Am I prepared for this, I’m thinking not. I should really have more confidence in myself but when you lay out $595 dollars of non-refundable money if you fail, it tends to drop ones confidence a few notches. So I will sit and ponder this decision. I have until the middle of June to decide if I want to take the chance. I really wish the test was tomorrow, less time to ponder would be better for me.

It is a proven fact I should never ponder. A month or so ago I was finally officially accepted into Penn State and what did I decide to do with that, ponder when I should start and what degree I should finally get off my butt and finish. Im of course still thinking about it.

Usually in my life I am the person that has a thought, implements it and follows threw quickly. For some reason this personality trait has left my body at the moment. I’m going to have to go out looking for it and bring it home.

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