Are You Just Another Piece Of Garbage?

I believe that you talk out of your ass. Of course this is purely my opinion based on my experiences with you. Don’t get the wrong impression, I think you have good intentions, in your mind. Making the good intentions exit your mind and come to reality, that is your problem. Actually performing the actual act you spoke of seems to be a tad difficult for you. Do you have a bad short term memory? I would completely understand as I also suffer from this. The difference is, when I say I am going to do something for someone I always remember it. The knowledge that because I said I would do something and the other person would be disappointed if it didn’t happen, that forces me to remember. Maybe you didn’t mean what you said and this is why you don’t follow through?

Do you realize how many things you have said that you thought to do, were going to do or will do? I do and let me be frank, it’s more times then you have actually done it. Don’t get mad, honesty hurts but it should be embraced as a welcomed criticism.

Maybe you are waiting to do the things you thought to do, were going to do or will do so that when you follow through it will be a surprise? Let’s just go with that excuse. This way you cannot be categorized as ‘talking out your ass’ as I will then be waiting for the surprise.

I think the surprise route will be the best avenue for you because otherwise you are just lumped in with the rest of the ‘garbage’, who are liars and ass talkers.

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