Road Trip!

My plans were cancelled today and I found myself all dolled up and no where to go. I thought this was a good opportunity for a road trip, so that is what I did. I decided to drive down and surprise my Grandmother.

I always enjoy my impromptu road trips as I have said before. It is a peaceful time for me. When I arrive at my Grandmother’s house I decided to use her door knocker and door bell simultaneously. I chuckled to myself as I heard her yell “Hold on I’m coming, Hold on I’m coming!”, nothing like annoying her before she even realizes it’s me. She opened the door, smiled and said I’m leaving, I have cards tonight. Well hello and glad to see you too. *Laughing* of course this was fine, I just dropped in and we could visit for an hour before she had to go.

My aunt and uncle came over to visit with me shortly after I had arrived. My Aunt asked me if the highlights in my hair were extension. I told her no, it was my real hair. As we spoke about my hair my Grandmother chimes in and says “I love your wig!”, I was shocked, this is not a wig I said, it is my real hair. She said oh I thought this whole time you had a wig on. Really! Being 84 and all, I decided to let it slide.

Photo Credit: Casey King


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