The Date

Running on 4 hours sleep and what I believe could be a slight case of hypothermia from my antics this morning, I decided to take up an offer for a date. If you want a date just join a gym and wear yoga pants, the offers will come then. Maybe my ex is right when I get fit and lose weight and only during times I’m thinner can I get men to pay attention to me.

The date was nice, he was a super sweet guy. I was searching for a reason as to why he was still single but I couldn’t pin point it. We met in a nearby city for Thai food, yummy! I love spring rolls, I could have ate a plate full of just that but I held my urge to do so. If it was with someone else I would have ordered a plater of them! He had a good sense of humor and loves dogs which is a must in my book. I asked him what he thought a good first date would be and he said “Going to a museum, elementary school style”. That made me chuckle, very cute response. A relaxing night for him would be pizza and netflix. Hello!, I love Netflix! Now his taste in pizza was the opposite of mine, pepperoni pizza, I don’t think so. Bacon, onion and green pepper is my kind of pizza. I’m not a pepperoni pizza fan and if that’s my only choice others have to eat my pepperoni. He had a good sense of humor, which is a must. It wasn’t a banter type which I am drawn to more times then not.

Now let’s get to the not so good points. He doesn’t like horror movies and sees nothing interesting about zombies. Boring! He is really missing out, wait though it gets worse. He hates British and ‘B’ movies, and British comedy. Really, he is killing me here! Maybe I can work with this though. He obviously likes Thai food so I mentioned Sushi. I was greeted with a disgusted look, ugh! Still I was hopeful, I have others that I can go to Sushi with so I go on. My go to activity is cards, he is from Michigan, a little young but he should totally know how to play euchre and like it…NO! Well this connection is just dead! I don’t even think I can make him a friend at this point. My friends and I get together and play cards often, what the hell would I do with him during those times?

Maybe he had some more romantic characteristics so I moved on to the things I think are romantic. I asked him if he would drive 45 minutes with me to a lake and watch the sunset, he “guessed” he would do it but didn’t see why because you can walk out your door and see it. Um… I don’t know, maybe because it is ROMANTIC! How about going to see fireworks, now this one has always been in my category of ‘romantic’ things to do but I have never found a man that would take me. Well, add him to that list because yet again, we have a no. How about going to the zoo and seeing the Christmas lights, I do this every year and would go more than once because I like it so much. Well it’s to cold to do that, hello, that’s the fun. Walking snuggling up close and looking at Christmas lights. Shit! All I was thinking is, can I go home yet? I could be sleeping right now! I skipped the sleeping for this?

Maybe what I think is cool and romantic isn’t either of those things or it’s just romance has died like I said in a previous post.


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