Green-Eyed Lady

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

When you say “We all get jealous from time to time”, I disagree. I can count two times in my adult life that I was jealous. During those times they involved my son’s father choosing his ‘new’ child over the one we had together a year before. I just don’t have the tendency to feel inadequacy or helplessness. I do believe my non-jealous tendencies once recognized by a partner has caused a few issues as the other partner has taken advantage of my ‘easy going’ personality.

When it comes to Sexual Jealousy, I believe that if you become jealous because your partner looks at another person in a certain way then you shouldn’t be in a relationship. Looking at others is a part of life. Now if your partner crosses over the line and it becomes more physical actions then this is a problem. I don’t think it can be considered jealousy, it would be a form of anger for your partner disrespecting you in that manner. I am a big advocate of ‘anti-cheating’, if you feel the need to cheat then you are in the wrong relationship and should move on.

During this day and age women have male friends and males have women friends. If you get jealous then ultimately you will be asking your partner to give up their friends (which I think is completely unacceptable to ask them to do) which will cause resentment from the partner will end the relationship eventually.

I am overall a trusting person and I believe if you have trust in your partner then your tendency to become jealous is very slim. Jealousy is just the outside emotion to show another that you do not trust them and if there is no trust, there should be no relationship.

If you’re jealous it signals to everyone that crosses your path that you have a lack of confidence, lack of trust and an unhealthy need to control someone. If you have time to manipulate someone, orchestrate situations to ‘catch’ your partner doing something and monitor their every move then you need to evaluate your own life. You need freedom in relationships, this is how each person will continue to grow and be authentic.




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