#7: Not Quite Right.

This ‘rings’ very true in my life the past few days. The saddest part is people notice but the ones you think would reach out their hand to comfort you, ignore it. There is never a knock at the door with a concerned person behind it. This is the moment you realize that they don’t care as much as they pretended or as much as you convinced yourself they cared for you.

i see it differently

Sometimes you get that day when everything is just completely and utterly not right. You don’t do anything right, you don’t hear anything right and everything’s far from good enough. Things are alright, but not good. And it’s okay, because it’s not okay, and that’s alright.

You long for something that will never be, and you realise that all the efforts you put up might be for nothing.

People can be happy on the outside, but they also might be very lonely and sad inside…


[Photo: Niagara Falls, Summer 2012]

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