Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?
When I think of honesty, I think of one Paradoxical Commandment in particular:

“Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.”

Granted the above commandment is hard to do, why? Well, we as humans don’t want to show we are vulnerable. Vulnerability can hurt and we don’t want to hurt. This is why at times we are not frank or ‘completely’ honest with another person, even though we may desperately want to, it makes us vulnerable so we take a step back and reword what we want to say.

It is unfortunate that we have to do this. In my own personal experiences I have found myself ‘dialing it back’ so to speak as to not hurt the person’s feelings or even most recently for me, not to lose a friend, so I suppress those words. I’m not sure about others but it slowly eats me up inside, finding myself drawn towards writing in my journal to get the words out in hopes it will make me feel better. Of course this is only a band aide and soon it will wither away and fall off, causing the feelings to come back.

I would say my opinion is, you cannot be too honest but if you choose this path you must be able to take the outcomes good or bad. I wish I could be too honest all the time in my life, but when I think someone would be hurt because of me or I would lose someone close to me in my life, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Though as I write this, my thought is, I wouldn’t be so emotionally tied up in my mind if I would just say what I was feeling. Being free of all this emotions and feelings I have filed in my mind would be a blessing.

So for the most part I am honest yet reserved and strive to be honest and frank.

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