You’re Unique

Fingerlike is one of 4 blogs I write on, I know, crazy right! No wonder I can’t get out to do anything. One of the websites has a comment section on the home page where visitors or followers can post general comments. I don’t like this option because it is actually very hard to find the time to read and comment back on general comments when I believe my focus should be on the comments associated with my individual posts. I still work in time to say hello to someone that posted hello to me. I have been getting this guy who posts ‘unique’ comments in the general comment box. Today his post read:

hey bITOK, you know what?

 “yes brian..what?”

“you are like a FART!”

“huh?why fart?”

“because I am BREATHLESS when you are AROUND!”

I’m sure this is his blogging technique to draw the person in to click on his website and read his posts. Well a handful of these types of comments later, I broke down and decided to check this guy out, see what his blog was all about. It wasn’t very interesting, but that is only my opinion as his comment and like counter would prove without a shadow of a doubt that his tactic of leaving random ‘unique’ general comments obviously works.

He has 11,766 more likes on this blog than I do and 5,950 more comments on his blog than I do. The only thing I have over him is I have 1,114 more views and obviously had to work harder at it than him because I had to post 97 more blogs then him. The biggest thing that killed my ‘awesome blogger’ ego was he just started his blogging account in February! I have worked a year or so on my blog yet he did all this in a little over 2 months.

This is the last time I succumb to the urge to break down and click on a profile in my general comment section. That was a ego buster to say the least.


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