Really! You Were Suppose To Be My Husband

Let me start with admitting I’m acting like a 2 year old and I’m NOT ashamed to admit it.

My friend Nathan stopped by he has been my friend for over 16 years. One of my ‘go to’ guys. I was shocked to see him as his work, schooling and his new girlfriend has sucked all of his free time up. I personally was hoping he had good news, like, I don’t know… He came back to reality and dumped his girlfriend. I have had a plan to host a big party when I turned 35. Since I have no plans on ever stumbling into a relationship and or marriage I would buy a wedding dress and have a party with Nathan being my ‘fake’ husband for the evening. That went to the waste side when he got a girlfriend. So having him tell me that he dumped his girlfriend would put my plans back into action.

As he sat on my bed sipping coffee while watching me organize my closet, he made small talk. We caught each other up on work and family stuff then he brought up the subject of relationships. I’ve always found it easy for me to tell my most personal feelings to him, maybe it is because we have been so intimate that once someone sees you naked and at your best in the morning *laughing* , your nerves leave. So I was drawn to tell him my feelings lately on love and relationships. Needless to say he was shocked as I have been. We laughed together as I gave him my plan to wipe those from my mind and get back to my old self. After spilling my feelings he asked me to sit down because he had something to tell me. This is it I thought to myself, he is back to being available for nights out and my go to date, oh how I was wrong. He held my hand, looked in my eyes and told me he was getting married, Que, the 2 year old. WHAT THE HELL, HE HAS LOST HIS MIND! My fake husband, my go to date, one of the only men in my life I can tell anything to and never be embarrassed is getting married. DEVASTATION! We were going to be single forever together. What is wrong with everyone these days. Midlife crisis disease is spreading across this area or the water is spiked with some drug!

I think it’s cute how he broke it to me but ‘cute’ has always been his best trait. I am truly happy for him and honored I got a personal visit from him to deliver the news and his fiancé is a wonderful women. Though this doesn’t stop me from acting like a 2 year old with a little bit of sadness. I feel like I am losing my best friend and the person who I planned my future ‘single’ life with.

I’m so lost!


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