Weekend Reflection

Even though this weekend was shorter than normal do to having to work Saturday morning, it was good.

I wrote off Mark, he has obviously not wrote me off as he has texted and called continuously since our date. So I gave up and went to a late lunch on Saturday with him. I’ll give it to him that he is a really interesting person and his job as a Graphic Designer is cool. Still he is so opposite of me that it will never work. That aside, lunch was enjoyable.

Later that evening I picked up my son’s friend and they went skating for the evening and I took my son’s Grandma to the local Vape shop to get her a unit in hopes she will join me in the non-smoking club. It is always interesting going to the Vape shop as two of my friends work there and their smart-ass comments always make for an enjoyable time.

Since I was picking up the kids from skating that means a night of movie watching. This time it was horror movies, oh so scary! Even though our movie night keeps me up till 4AM I truly enjoy these moments, it is just unfortunate it means I am losing half of my Sunday to sleep. We did manage to all get up and out of the house for a few hours. When I get to spend time with the kids it is always fun and interesting. Two 12 year olds can be a challenge as they love to pick on each other at ever turn. The funny part is that it makes me think I want more kids when I spend time with them. One day they will be older and their time together as friends may lessen and I am going to miss these moments. Moments like these:

My son’s friend asked about his new girlfriend and I chimed in and said he didn’t have a girlfriend. His response was that I said that because I’m jealous of him and his relationship because I don’t have one. Really, an adult jealous of a 12 year olds relationship, I think not.

The two of them wrestling and nit picking each other at every turn.

I ended my weekend believing I would be productive but instead I made a lasagna and relaxed. I did manage to organize my closet though.

Here’s to hoping for a smooth upcoming week.

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