The Tales Of Being Obsolete Continue

2 1/2 weeks ago I wrote about my server that decided to break. This crippled my emailing abilities. Searching for a replacement hard drive became a challenge when I found out that after 4 years the server was obsolete. Over the past few weeks I have been working on getting the server back up and running with absolutely no luck. This situation has stomped on my ego and caused me long work nights and helped me develop one bad ass attitude. Of course I had to have email so in between cursing at the server I set up a new server to handle my email. Things were looking up after the new server was completed even though my original server wasn’t going well. My spirits were only lifted up for a day.

Next blow to my ego would be my Cisco Pix 501. The unit was still manageable but it had an annoying short in its internal wiring. Of course I have to fix it before it gets worse so I go shopping for a new router. I decided to go with the ASA 5505 Cisco router, nice unit! I was really excited about it. I have put in multiple Cisco routers so to me I felt this would be a breeze. Oh how wrong I would be. A week later, many long nights and a hundred tests later, I have a non functional router. Really! I’m embarrassed to even admit this. I broke down and brought my friend into the situation to see why i couldn’t get this thing working. Everything I imputed in the command prompt was dead on right. Yet again, my ego was being stomped on. I didn’t feel as bad when he confirmed everything looked good and he was clueless too. So this Monday we planned on taking one more stab at it, but the router issue would be put on the back burner with the broken server.

It was a normal Monday, I sat down at my computer to finalize payroll before everyone came in to start their shift. When I went to remote into my main domain server and seen all my drives were gone I didn’t panic, sometimes it likes to play games with me. I went to restore them and the big error box popped up stating the drives were not accessible, I just laid my head on my desk. This only means one thing, a bad week was upon us. With this server down it only meant we were not processing or shipping orders. The only thing we would be able to do is send emails from my new fancy email server which, that goodness, was working like a gem. I looked at the clock, I had 1 hour to get those drives back before I had to tell the VP we were done for the count. Well that didn’t work, I spent my Monday trying to get it back up and running. With 200 Customers breathing down my neck I had to install all my programming onto my new mail server. Thanks to my friend today we managed to run semi smoothly. There is some fine tuning to complete and we will never be running at 100 percent because the new server was never meant to hold all my data and programs.

I finally left the office today with still two broken servers, a handful of local computers nonfunctional, shipping rates incorrect and a router that is starting to become problematic. This all aside I am hopeful. This evening I decided to take a few moments to work on the first server that went down a few weeks ago. A million tries and hundreds of strings typed into the command line later… I got it to run and let me set up my arrays! I was ecstatic! It must have felt sorry for me. I definitely needed a confidence boost and this did it. I’m taking the night off and come tomorrow morning I am going to have hope that my good luck will continue and when I place my hand on the power button, it starts up and I have a fully functional server again!

I needed this glimmer of hope tonight after the past two days. I just might be able to get some sleep tonight!

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