My Little Match Maker

The hormones of my 12 year old are starting to affect his brain. If I have to endure another talk about me getting married, having a baby or anything relationship wise that involves my love life I’m going to lose it. It was cute at first but jeez, I’m sure I made my position clear.

1. I’m not marrying someone because you want their kid to be your sister. Just be best friends, what is wrong with that?

2. Just because people have known each other for a long time (If you ask my son I’ve know him since 1898. *laughing*) doesn’t mean you marry them! If that was the case I would be married to a ton of people.

3. When someone says they don’t like someone that much, then take their word for it.

4. When someone can list off the others annoying habits with no pause doesn’t mean it was meant to be. Hello! It was a list of annoying habits not good habits, big difference.

5. Do not think that saying what ones married name would be will change someone’s mind. It doesn’t work and no last name will ever be as appealing to me then my given name. Just will not happen.

6. Just because you ‘love’ someone doesn’t me I will too nor does it mean I have too.

7. Mutual joke making, picking at or offending someone for fun is NOT proof someone is in love. It would be proving that people can relax and not be so serious all the time and it makes the relationship way more interesting.

8. Talking to someone or hanging out together only when a kid is involved is a clear sign… That it isn’t a world built around love. It’s out of necessity since obviously at 12 you have no job and no form of transportation. In addition your planning and communication skills are still not up to par. There is a need to get clarification when it’s… Just pick them up anytime. Really, I’m sure that isn’t the case 99.9% of the time. You were really given a real time, you just conveniently didn’t retain that information.

9. Answering my phone and sabotaging my ‘could be’ relationship friend is NOT going to make me throw my hands up, fall to my knees and fold. Now it seems your very convincing as the person didn’t even believe a thing coming out of my mouth. My phone will never leave my side, AGAIN, well played there buddy.

10. Yes, I’ve told you to have dreams and don’t give up till you achieve them. I was talking about college, a career path, a hobby. Marrying off your Mom was not in the category of a ‘dream’.

Now I will thank him for a good laugh, I needed it more than I realized. Being so passionate in his belief that someone could love me and want to spend the rest of their life with me, when I only 5% believe that could be true.

Let’s sail away so you can dream a new dream.

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