Good Friday… Is It?

It is early on this ‘Good Friday’, my son is safely at school and as for me I am at work. The warehouse is dark and silent as all my employees are probably all snuggled up in their beds. ‘Good Friday’ is a holiday here, just not for me or the VP of the company. The story I have been telling you over the past three weeks ‘The Tales Of Being Obsolete’ still continues.

The past two days the system has been up and running with the exception of crashing both mornings. We managed to get it back up and running in a quick and timely manner though. There is just so many small moving parts that working today was a must. The chances of two servers crashing, router, and a handful of local computers at the same time is pretty slim in the word of IT. When it does happen you see how unprepared you are for the situation and it makes you wonder why you never thought of making an action plan an escape route from a disaster like this. It was a lesson learned for us here.

With essentially a 3 day work week, my employees pulled together and got the job done. We ended Thursday night completing everything we would have during a 5 day work week. I was dreading running the reports as I thought there couldn’t be any way; with only having computers 2 days this week and during those 2 days the computers were¬†intermittent at best. When I looked at all the reports an overwhelming sense of pride washed over me, they had pulled together and managed to finish as if nothing happened. I had been so busy this week focused on problem after problem that I hadn’t had a chance to even get a sense of how everyone was doing. If there was ever a question if they were a team, that has been answered. We couldn’t have ended the week without a team effort.

Working this ‘Good Friday’ is not what I consider ideal but they deserve all their computers working and a system that is usable when they walk in the door Monday morning. So I leave you to go out into the dark silent warehouse to bring life to these computers, wish me luck… I’m going to need it.

Enjoy your ‘Good Friday’!

The Tales Of Being Obsolete Continue



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