Dancing In The Streets

I can’t dance. It is extremely embarrassing for people around me when I do. I decided to take some classes on how to dance. Who would have thought getting private hip hop dance lessons would consist of a 6 days a week workout regimen. I informed him that I go to the gym daily and he just smiled at me. I thought my instructor was joking when he rambled off the list of things to do. 100 of this, 100 of that, the thought of it makes me tired. I just wanted to learn how to move my hips to the music. I’ve been to the club’s and the people dancing are not sporting muscular legs, arms and ‘six pack’ abs.

He showed me a sample of what I would be learning. I watched with wide eyes as he was holding himself up with one arm and his legs at a 90 degree angle. I don’t think he has ever been to a dance club in his life. Even though he is in left field I am going to stick this out, kill myself daily with my exercise routine, and hope that I can dance by the end of it all.


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