Road Trip

Last Saturday I woke up with a pull to get on the road and drive, but where would I end up this time? I decided I was going to take a midnight trip to the sand dunes and watch the sunset. With only an hour before I was going to head out, I was surprised that my sister called and said she wanted to go too. I laughed when she asked where we were staying. You see, I had made no plans to get a hotel room because by the time we‘d reach the dunes it would be around 3:30am and the sunrise would only be a short wait. She obviously didn’t agree with the ‘no hotel’ idea of mine because she told me to call around and see who else wanted to go while she set out to find a hotel room. I speed dialed through my phone only getting 1 out of the 8 people I called. So finally I set off to pick up my friend and sister for a long night of driving. I just want to add that I actually was shocked that their husbands canceled their plans so that the two women could drive 4 hours with me just to turn around and drive 4 hours back. I was told that my brother-in-law thought I had a ‘hair up my butt’. I’m known as being the one with the crazy outrageous ideas, and I was actually high on life Saturday night and was doing it simply because it was going to be fun!


We set off on our midnight adventure not realizing just what an adventure it would be. As we drove toward the dunes we came across a deer crossing sign. I didn’t think two thoughts about it until about 3 miles down the highway when there they were deer, deer and more deer. All I have to say is ‘oh holy deer!’  They were everywhere, forcing us to go 25 under the speed limit. We drove through a small town only to find that we missed a ‘Mushroom Festival’ and we were going to miss the ‘Trout Festival’ going on the following weekend. It was obvious that at this point we had hit the small country towns, one that would think to have a ‘Mushroom Festival’. Each small town we drove through would be preceded by a dense forest and that just meant another deer crossing sign and more deer! I have honestly never seen so many deer in my life. The next small town we approached gave us a chance to breathe because it was a break from the nerve wracking deer watching. I came to a stop light, preparing to turn left, only to see a cow station on a trailer parked in front of a gas station. ‘Ruthie the cow’ was printed on a large sign.  I completely missed the driveway and of course had to make a U-turn. I couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity! After getting back on the road we were then bombarded by more deer, of course, but also a bar located in a big red barn, a creepy house on a hill that looked like the Bates home, a bar called Boonedocks and a lot of signs advertising heavy weight horse contests. We officially felt as though we’d entered an alternate universe.


When we reached our hotel my sister informed me that they left the room unlocked and the key on the desk. The clerk told her that we could settle the bill for the room in the morning. After entering an unlocked hotel room we immediately separated to check the room for intruders. My friend checked under the beds and I wisely chose the bathroom.  After a 4 hour drive I figured I would check while I used the bathroom. *laughing*

Once the room had been verified that it was murderer-less we changed our clothes quickly and the girls texted their husbands to let them know we made it safe and sound. I wasn’t tired at all and was concerned that we would miss the sunrise, which we did end up missing. We woke up an hour too late and found that the clerk wasn’t at the hotel to settle the bill, as they’d stated.  So being that they were so trusting, just leaving the door unlocked and the key in the room we decided to just leave a 100 dollar bill in the room and shut the door, eager to set off and see the dunes and the lake.


Just an added thought, while driving to the dunes my sister told me that coming home the situation with the deer would likely be better because they would be further back in the woods. Nope.  That was incorrect.  When I pulled out of the hotel I immediately had to slam on the brakes as a deer ran across the road. Ugh! If I never see another deer in my life that would be just fine by me. It was so outrageous that on the drive home we found ourselves chuckling every time we passed a deer crossing sign.


Even though it felt like an attack of the deer and we missed the sunrise, overall the trip was nice. It was great to get away from the city and spend time with friends and family.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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