You have to love social media and the crazy people allowed to use it.

There are crazy women out in the social media world, who become jealous of others that post comments on statuses, like statuses and post pictures of what their delusional minds believe is ‘their man’. Let’s entertain for the moment that the women’s delusional thought is true and he really is ‘her man’.

1. If you’re in a relationship with a man they should be able to have friends and said friends should be able to post, comment and like your man’s social media. You have crossed into crazy land when you push your jealousy at a friend who barely does any of the above.

2. You should never message your man’s friends and tell them to stay away. Threatening is never a good road to go down. You again have crossed into crazy land. When you do this it makes the said friend want to be all about your man, just to show that you are some young girl who needs to be put in her place.

3. If you’re so jealous to message their friend who you don’t know at all,well that means you’re insecure. You should work on why you have these insecurities. Maybe you don’t see yourself as pretty. Maybe it’s because you got into a situation where you realized you were not old enough emotionally to handle it.

Now to help you along in your thought process … You should ask yourself, is he really your man or have you created this fake relationship. You should also try to remind yourself that you are no longer in high school and there is no excuse for being a blithering idiot.


I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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