Superhero Status

“In short, superheroes balance the forces of light and dark, rage and serenity, and the sacred and the profane within themselves and from it forge an identity that is powerful and purposeful.” ― Deepak Chopra


I believe it is best just to start off by stating that I am a big sissy! So, being the big sissy that I am, my son lost his iPhone this weekend and instead of going to get the phone myself, I asked my friend to take care of the situation for me. You never know these days, people are not always nice and honest. My mind couldn’t stop running through all the scenarios of what could happen. Everything about retrieving the phone had my stomach in knots. My fears of being shot, beaten up or robbed didn’t prevent me from asking my friend to risk himself by helping out. He is a man.  Sure, I was scared he would get hurt and I would never forgive myself if something happened to him because of me, but I brushed the feelings off and reminded myself that he was strong and fearless.  I could try to compare him to such superheroes as Superman or Batman, but I think it’s much more accurate to put him the categories of such amazing heroes like a GI Joe or He-Man; strong, courageous and powerful. I’m not saying he isn’t a ‘superhero’ like the more quintessential superheroes.  I’m just saying that there’s something extra sexy about the more manly and gritty heroes.  I’m partial to GI Joe and He-Man because, well, it is simple… that’s the kind of man I daydream of being saved by.  When I walked into the bar to pick up my friend that’s what I envisioned upon seeing him sitting there with his beer in hand, looking so masculine and strong.  I wanted to throw myself at him.  Between you and me, if he had demanded that I pull over for some lovin, I would have in a heartbeat, phone be damned!

Fast forwarding the story, I pick up my ‘GI Joe/He-Man’ friend and drive him to the house to pick up my son’s phone. Without incident, of course, because he’s GI Joe, he struts his godlike self to the door, easily charms the people inside and then meets the woman who has my son’s phone in the front yard. I couldn’t hear what the two of them were saying but reading body language alone, and I like reading his body language, you could tell that he was unleashing all his charisma through his perfectly shaped lips slowly weaving the spell that would have this women hooked on every word he said.

She pulled out the phone from her pocket and handed it to him pausing to talk for another short amount of time before he turned and walked back to my car. I wanted to hug him I was so ecstatic, but we don’t hug so I just patted his leg.


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