Shit! It Is A Myth!

I came across a blog called The “Me Time” Myth (Here) and found myself realizing that all the times I was away from my son was really not true ‘me’ time and I was forced to admit it is a myth.

I have to agree that ‘MeTime’ is a myth. In my experience even when I have time away from my son it really isn’t just ‘me time’. The time is used to catch up with people and things I have missed. It is my time to try to hold together my adult relationships. I am never completely focused during these times as I am planning at least 2 months of motherly and career duties in my head, running through the 200 things on my to do list that I either haven’t done or half-assed because I was busy doing something for my son or work. Running the last 10 arguments I had with my son through my head to see if I could have done something different. Or feeling guilty because I went out and left my house in disarray and I forced myself to live out of clothes baskets because after having this so called ‘me time’ I am unable to find the energy to put them away. Ultimately my so called ‘me time’ is spent trying to figure out how to make everyone believe I am holding it together. I mean come on, being both parents 24/7 is just a walk in the park, no sweat. LOL! So the next time we talk and all you hear is a long pause on the other end of the phone or you see a blank stare on my face.. It’s just me trying to process what you said to me in between the other 20 things I am forced to think about.


One thought on “Shit! It Is A Myth!

  1. Nice. Really making ”me time” and not ”catch up time” is so important. I have three children and one on the way. I am just now learning the real meaning and importance of ”me time.” I have to just do it. I tell myself, ”this is not me being selfish. This is me making sure that I can healthy function and be around for my children when they need me. ”Me time” is key for survival.” If this means I have to call friends to watch the children, then that is what I do.


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