Series: Repeat After Me… Failure: Take 1

When my job approached me about finishing my already in progress 4 years ago certification in IST I brushed them off. I have many certifications and I just came to a point that IST classes were not giving me what I actually needed to learn 4 years ago. After everything that has been going on with my wonderful obsolete servers, I am reconsidering my stance and finding they just may be right. Really what is the harm in finishing my last 4 classes? Plus this will obviously give me a better chance for a bump in pay at the end of the year. So I decided to jump in feet first and get yet another certification to go with my large collection.

The process was simple. I applied to Penn State and was surprisingly accepted and signed up for my first two classes. $4,400 dollars poorer, I just had to sit and wait till my class started. The downside to only needing 4 classes is that financial aide is not available. I wasn’t surprised by this because that’s just my luck.

My class opened up yesterday and I decided I would be a good student and jump right in to get my stuff done. I don’t like to wait till the last minute because that just stresses me out. Well about an hour into the class I was on my 8th page of notes and every so many lines I was finding myself thinking, what the hell have I got myself into! The concepts I already knew from my classes years ago and my work experience but when the instructor started throwing in all the calculus and linear algebra mumbo jumbo the neon sign turned on and started flashing ‘FAILURE’. I thought well this class was $2,200 dollars which I should have just flushed down the toilet instead of putting myself through this class and maybe I can get my money back for the second class starting next week. Very doubtful but a girl can hope, can’t she? The minute I started my first night working on my class my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Text messages, phone calls, status update notifications, emails, it just wouldn’t stop! This was unusual because I don’t normally get this many in such a short period of time. I ended the night passing out on my iPad. I woke up in the middle of the night and peeled the iPad from my cheek thinking maybe day two will be better.

Today I started day two of class. I decided to wipe yesterday’s feeling of failure and hit the books with a more positive attitude. As you probably already see coming that didn’t work out so well. Again everyone must have known I was trying to study and I had to take a break for a quick dinner date (I know a dinner date! I’ll leave the details on that for another blog.) Once I was settled back in I decided to pull out the big guns and call my friend Snapp. He had to be able to help me out as his degree is in Mathematics and he is a college professor who teaches calculus. At this point he was my only hope. Of course my ‘good luck’ kicked in again and I got his voicemail. I left a lengthy ‘I love you’, ‘your the best professor on the planet’ voicemail in hopes he would call me back. At this point I haven’t received a call back but I suspect that tomorrow morning I will get a call followed by an email with a large number of practice problems. Essentially I will be taking a calculus class and a IST class. The only up side is that the calculus make-shift class will be free. The downside is that my homework is due in by midnight on Sunday and I’m not sure if I will be able to get this down before then. Only time will tell.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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