I Almost Choked On My Banana!

DAD: My speaker on my cellphone is broke. I have to call Mom on speaker phone.
ME: Why don’t you use the house phone?
DAD: Good idea. Hand me the phone and Mom’s number off the fridge.
ME: Why don’t you just get the number off your cellphone, it’s in your hand?
DAD: Because I don’t have her home number in my cellphone.
ME: *Laughing Hysterically* I honestly believe you think this so I’m going to explain it to you…. *Laughing Hysterically still* just because your using the house phone doesn’t mean you can’t call her cellphone.

By the way he turned red and was laughing my assumption was correct.. he actually thought that in the moment. I have moved up on the intelligent ladder in this family tonight! If you have had the pleasure of being in my Dad’s company for any length of time you know the stuff he says and does but when I tell people stories about my Dad who haven’t had the pleasure, those people have a hard time believing the stories because at times they are off the wall, weird and ridiculous but people this is MY DAD, my role model…LMAO!

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