Memorial Day


As Memorial Day comes and goes I find myself here on my bed relaxing with my puppy dog. I didn’t have my son this morning so I took that time and slept in. It really isn’t like me to sleep in but over the past few months sleep hasn’t been coming easy to me. I got up and met Rob for a cup of coffee and then picked my son up to start the day. It was noon so we would be cramming in a lot of stuff.

For the past seven years I have been making a superman cake for my friend. It all started when I found out his other friends never did anything for him unless he planned it. Oh, how I know that feeling. Since he loved superman, I decided to make him a birthday cake which as you can see has become a tradition. I look forward to making him his cake each year and him the same. I hold a special place in my heart for him. He is a great friend, a wonderful husband and an awesome father. My son and I delivered the cake today and it turned out great.

With everything that has been rushing around in my head I decided to find something I could do to give back this Memorial Day. I found a website called ‘Operation Gratitude’. This company does many things for solidiers. One of their services is gathering volunteers to write to deployed service members, wounded warriors and veterans. You write letters and send them in a box. Once they receive the letters and send them in a care package for the solidiers. How sweet that they add it to a care package! So today I wrote 10 letters. I felt good by paying it forward to make someone’s day.

We ended our day relaxing in the house. Another successful superman cake delivered and another Memorial Day comes to a relaxing close.


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