The Joys of Parenthood

“Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.” ― Ray Romano

I have to say yesterday there was a lot of throwing up going on in my house. I awoke on Tuesday morning to my son throwing up in the bathroom at 2am. I wouldn’t have guessed it would turn out to be one of the longest struggles of my life. I had just fallen asleep to be awoken around 2am not prepared mentally for what lay ahead of me. Every 20-25 minutes my son was sitting in front of the toilet throwing up, this went on for 11 long hours. I pushed him to get fluids back into his body after each time just for him to throw them back up 20 minutes later. By 1:00 I was mentally and physically drained. I was running on about 30 minutes of sleep and didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to keep this up when the doorbell rang. I was going to ignore the doorbell but decided that maybe, just maybe someone read the post on Facebook I had wrote or it was someone that I texted telling them about the situation here to save me. I needed saving and I’m not ashamed to say it. I felt helpless in this situations. I answered the door and couldn’t be happier to see Rob standing there. Of course he probably got a shock because my hair was a rats nest piled on top my head and I had just gym shorts and a tank top on, looking like a hot mess to say the least. In his hands he had 2 grocery bags with some necessities people need when they are sick. I had already made a morning trip to Walgreens and was stock piled but I still appreciated him bring the items he did, it was a very nice gesture. He explained how he had found out that my son was sick when he stopped up at my work and he decided to stop by to see if I needed anything, if I had a different personality, oh let’s say the one that could actually ask for help, he would regret those words, lucky for him I’m not one to ask. So my answer was that I didn’t need anything but I must have thought I looked better than I did because he insisted to stay and watch over my son (At this point finally resting with no puking for an hour and counting) so that I could get a little bit of rest. I was shocked by the offer and was very appreciative of it as I needed it. He made a call, changed whatever plans he had and was able to give me 2 hours to sleep. Before he could change his mind, I had him camped out upstairs so he could see into the bathroom and hear my son if he got up. I laid my head on his chest and was out immediately. When I woke up, my son was still sleeping and Rob was up watching my girly television series I had playing on Netflix. Even though it was only two hours I felt a lot better. I couldn’t thank him enough for insisting that I let him stay. The gestures that are small and have no dollar value are the ones that mean the most. Now I can only hope he doesn’t get sick, I would feel really bad about it.

After Rob left I decided to make some coffee and wait for my son to wake up. I checked my phone and found that I only had one missed call from my son’s Grandfather checking up to see how he was doing. I returned the call and then started to watch my television series again. My son woke up and we began round 2, fever and diarrhea, I guess that is better than puking. I got his fever down and snuggled him into bed hoping we could get through the night because I had to work the next day. As I got ready for bed I received a text message from a friend asking how my son was doing, it is times like these that you realize who cares and who doesn’t. You find out who will sacrifice a moment of their precious time to physically help someone or pick up the phone and call/text someone to get an update. These things are small gestures that for me, mean the world. These things are more meaningful then opening your pocket book for someone. We need more moments like these in our daily lives, we need people to be willing to pick up the phone and call/text someone just to see how their doing, remembering that something is going on in their lives and asked them about it or just that simple text that says that simple word, ‘HI’ or a simple smiley face. Knowing that someone cared enough to take the time to do it would bring a smile to anyone’s face, I know it does mine.

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