Glam Me Up!

There is a local spa that I have been going to for quite some time and the prices are very reasonable. I have been searching for something to get my friend for his birthday and it has proven to be difficult to say the least. Yesterday I decided that I should get him a message. What man doesn’t like a nice relaxing message? A while ago he mentioned that he needed one so hopefully he still does. While looking through their services to see what messages they offer I came across NovaLash. NovaLash are eyelash extensions that extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. No more messing with mascara or fumbling around with the fake eyelashes you get at your local pharmacy store. The NovaLash if taken care of properly will give you glamorous eyelashes for a full year. With these lash extensions comes some extra time to your nightly bedtime routine. You have to condition the eyelashes so that the lashes are clear of debris or makeup and a regular combing is required to remove any tangles that may develop.
These NovaLashes are my new must have! Of course I was good and bought my friend his birthday gift so now I can focus on saving the $275.00 to glamour up my eyelashes.


I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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