Why did my teeth fall out?

The other night I had a dream where I woke up to the ceiling dripping water everywhere as if it was a large shower head slowly releasing water. The outlets in the room were popping and with every pop they would light the room as if someone set off a fire cracker, small puffs of smoke climbed the walls. As I looked around the room my teeth were slowly falling out of my mouth. I awoke from this dream with a feeling of panic. Why would I have this dream? What does it mean?

I am not a big believer that your dreams mean something. This was, though, one of the strangest dreams I have had. I decided to Google “Dreams where your teeth fall out”. Of course, as for many things one Googles, there were many explanations.

1. Fear of rejection or getting old.
2. Fear of embarrassment or making a fool out of yourself.
3. Having a deep sense of powerlessness, feeling as though your voice is not being heard.
4. Your mind telling you that your putting faith, trust and beliefs in the wrong person.
5. Your mind telling you that either your sick or someone close to you is sick/near death.

In my Google research I found that this type of dream is common. So common that it is talked about widely in the psychology circles. Freud covered it and stated he felt it was a symbol of sexual repression or in men the fear of castration. Now on the more contemporary dream interpretations such as Jung’s he seen these dreams as a symbol of personal power, the want and ability to renew oneself. Essentially releasing the old and bringing in the new.

All of these interpretations could be possible if one believes dreams mean something. I did state I was purging people/material things from my life in a previous blog. Maybe this is why I had this dream?

Here is to hoping this new journey is better then the last… And I have all my teeth through it.

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